Rokiškis / Biržai / Bistrampolis – Highlights


Rokiškis (pop. 15 000) is among the most appealing towns of northeastern Lithuania (Aukštaitija). It is centered around a very large rectangular main Nepriklausomybės (Independence) square. The square connects the Saint Matthew church (a neo-gothic masterpiece) on its western side to an extensive 18th century Tyzenhauzai family manor in the east.

Manor ensemble. The Rokiskis Manor House was built in 1801 in the style of classicism under the design of an unknown architect.  Since 1952 the Rokiškis Regional Museum has been located in the palace of the manor house. Rokiskis manor – a unique collection of cultural heritage of estates. Here You can find old and new folk art collections with the exceptional works of the 20th century’s most famous Lithuanian wood carver, Lionginas Šepka, and the only collection of nativity sculptures in the country.


This town (pop. 15 000) far in the northeastern Lithuanian outback is known for its 17th-century castle. The main building surrounded by fortifications forms the most impressive surviving military structure of this era in Lithuania. Biržai Castle is a Dutch-style fortress with bastions built by the Duke Radvila family and used to defend Lithuania’s northern borders in the 17th-18th centuries. Today, it houses Jurgis Bielinis Public Library of Biržai and Biržai Regional Museum Sėla. Besides the palace, two gunpowder buildings, and a bridge have so far been restored.

A short tour visiting the longest pedastrian bridge in Lithuania ( lenghth 525 m.) across Širvėna lake, connecting Astravas Manor and the city of Biržai. 

Kirkilai view tower.  In the territory of Biržai regional park, next to karst lakes, a view tower is built; its form resembles a canoe or a sinking boat. The height of the tower is almost 32 metres. When you climb-up to the view tower, you can see wonderful views: 30 sink holes full of water. They are called the lakes of the Sanctuary of Kirkilai.


Neo-classical style Bistrampolis manor complex consists of hotel, restaurant, concert hall and the manor rooms of various sizes for seminars and banquets. Away from the manor house, in the park there is a Chapel – museum of smugglers of forbidden Lithuanian books. This manor has already existed since the end of the fifteenth century. Here you can found sports ground equiped with tennis court and basketball ground for active recreation.