Panemunė – Highlights

Scenic Panemunė road which traces Nemunas river valley at its northern bank is famous for its castles and manors that can be visited en-route. These buildings were used as opulent residences rather than defensive structures but their impressive towers and strong walls may be deceptive.

Panemunė Castle. Today it is the most authentically preserved 17th-18th century residential castle in Lithuania. The castle, adorned with defensive installations and surrounded by what appears at first glance to be a protective series of bodies of water, was nevertheless not intended as a defensive fortress.  It is a typical renaissance feudal castle of the early 17th century, designated not only for representation, but also to protect its inhabitants from the military conflicts that resulted from feuds erupting between noblemen, as well as to commemorate its owner’s ambitions and his desire to emphasize his independence.

Raudonė Castle was build in the last quarter of XVI century by forest owner and trader Kirspin Kirschenstein. The castle was renovated many times in XVII-XIX centuries. The present appearance of the castle is from the reconstruction carried out in the mid XIX century. The castle is now turned into a primary school. During the tourist season visitors are allowed to the castle tower, from which extends a beautiful view of the surroundings.