Kretinga – Highlights


Kretinga, a little town (pop. 19 000), has a special charm. It is known for its Count’s mansion and the winter gardens, Franciscan monastery, and the 16th century church.

Tiškevičiai manor with Winter garden. the Kretinga Museum, which was found in the former Kretinga estate of Count Tiškevičius is absolutely different one. It is not related with history, it is related with the botany. The most impressing Winter Garden in Lithuania is located in the same Kretinga Museum complex. Visitors of the Winter Garden can get acquainted with more than 500 species of plants (3800 units) that were brought from various corners of the Planet.

The Japanese garden. The idea of the Japanese garden was chosen in order to reveal the mightiness of stones and the strength of the area. People of Samogitia are the last pagans in Europe. Shinto (“road of Gods”) is the most popular religion in Japan, so close to paganism, its object of worship is kami – nature and its objects (trees, mountains, stones, springs) or other phenomena.