Trakai – Druskininkai – Highlights


The capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Visit the 15th century Insular Trakai Castle housing an exhibition on prehistoric findings and the 17-18th century applied art, the way of life of the Lithuanian Grand Dukes, and the Karaites, brought to Lithuania from the Crimea.


Is the southernmost town of Lithuania. It is the oldest and the biggest resort of the country famous for its salty springs and mild and warm microclimate. City is surrounded by pine forests, majestic Nemunas River, lakes, playful Ratnyčios creek. It is full of squares and parks, Druskonis Lake is located in the centre of Druskininkai. In 1794, by the decree of Stanisław II August Poniatowski, Druskininkai was declared a therapeutic area. This is when a more thorough research of the healing resources was initiated. From as early as the beginning of the 19th century mineral water and mud baths were unofficially operating in Druskininkai. Today the mineral water and therapeutic mud, which has made this resort famous for hundreds of years, are combined with modern technologies.

Nowadays the resort is famous for its old traditions of sanatorium treatment, amazing nature and rapidly developing tourism services infrastructure. It is an international resort of active recreation and therapy.