Burbiškis Manor/Anykščiai Highlights

Burbiškis Manor

Burbiškis Manor is located in Anykščiai Regional Park, near Rubikiai Lake, 8 km away from Anykščiai. Standing on a scenic left bank of Anykšta River, the elegant palace can be seen from afar – it is an architectural monument of the 19th century, a neoclassical era gem. The whole manor estate is included in the European Heritage Sites list.

Lunch in the Manor’s restaurant


Anykščiai (population 12 000) lies on the Šventoji river, the longest river to both start and end in Lithuania. Despite not having magnificent buildings (other than the imposing gothic revival Saint Matthew church of 1909 with its tallest-in-Lithuania 79 m twin towers) the town has quite many interesting places.

Puntukas stone, the second largest stone in Lithuania according to its size (after Barstyčiai Stone) . It is covered by indentations reminding of the flight across the Atlantic Ocean by pilots S. Darius and S. Girėnas, the first Lithuanians to complete this mission (and worldwide air mail pioneers). The bas-relief was made in secret by Bronius Pundzius in 1943 as Lithuania was occupied by the Nazi Germany at the time.

The Treetops walking path. Located in the famous Anykščiai Pinewood is the only treetop path in the Eastern Europe. The path is in the level of the tree crowns and it lasts for 300 meters, evenly going up to 21 meters high. The 13 stops in the real spaces will help you to get to know and experience the variety of Lithuanian forests, to know and understand the importance of the Anykščiai Pinewood plants around the area. On the 14th stop, which is on the highest point on the tower (the height of the tower is 34 meters), the breath-taking view of the Šventoji river curves opens up, and the tower tops of the St. Matthew’s church.